Daniel Worrall.
Audio Engineer // Musician.

I work with brilliant musicians, artists and engineers producing records.

You can contact me via email or head over to Soundcloud

About me.

When I was small I was fortunate to have piano lessons for many years. This lead to studying guitar, music theory, and electronics during my evenings and weekends. Combined with a deep interest in computing, I went on to study Music informatics at the University of Sussex.

I prefer to work "in the box", but enjoy the warmth and tangibility of analogue gear.


Here is a selection of my work:

Crystal Forest

Stellar Transients

Forest Edge

Days of Daze

Your happy place in the mountains


I've put in close to 10,000 hours of squash over 20 years. I am still improving, despite injury. It's an exceptionally healthy sport that's positive for endurance, fitness and overall wellbeing.